Weekend School

The biggest concern of the immigrant families is that their children grow without the awareness of their own language and culture. Attending our weekend classes gives the students an opportunity not only to learn their own language and culture, but also meet some people in the same culture. Interacting with the people who have the same language and same cultural values makes the students feel that they are in their countries for a while. Also, the parents enjoy watching the students as they perform on the national and religious days. Being evolved in these kind of activities, helps our children to understand and learn our cultural values better. We strongly believe that even those children are away from their homeland; they can speak their native language and grow up without loosing their identity.

As they learn their own values, they will be able to overcome all the social problems, express themselves in the society and be a role model by conducting their values to the next generation. The extreme efforts of our weekend classes’ staff make us proud and give us hope for the future.